3 of the Best Sports to Focus Betting on in 2020

Betting on sports has long been a thrilling pastime that people have engaged in. With so many options in front of you for what sport to bet on, it can be hard to form a winning strategy, let alone know where to start. Here are the best three sports to bet on in 2020, all of them exciting to watch and bet on. For all of them, you can devise a strategy that will work for you and increase your winnings on sites like 토토사이트.


  1. Baseball

Baseball is a fun sort to watch professional sportsmen play, and it is also fun to bet on. The history of betting and baseball is a long one, full of intrigue and riveting plot twists. While you can bet on smaller rules of baseball, the most common type of bet to place is a ‘totals’ bet. This is where you bet on how many points the team has, and whether that is a winning number of points. In baseball, the ‘totals’ will come from the total number of runs that a team has, and it can vary wildly game to game.

  1. Hockey

You may not live in a place with a long and pronounced winter, but that does not mean you cannot embrace the fun that the sport of hockey is. In some other sports, most notably basketball people who bet have a point spread they must meet. In hockey, the point spread is replaced by a money line. In this type of betting, by far the most common, you just need to select the team you think will win. There are no more factors, and you get both a favorite and an underdog that may compete. While it is common to bet on all sorts of organized sporting events, those who like to try their luck on hockey often go with the NHL, as it is the biggest conglomeration of teams in this sport.

  1. Soccer

You may be protesting, ‘But I am not European!’, but that does not matter. The truth is that these days, soccer is a cosmopolitan sport that it is fashionable to be current in. In addition to exciting games that usually feature players running up to six or seven miles at a time, this game offers many chances for a betting person to try themselves on. The only problem is that the games end in a draw more than most other sports, and for a wager to be winning, a team must win outright. However, there are currently many betting companies that offer odds on the hottest games happening right now. If you have never taken an interest in soccer before, now might be the time.