Some Reasons Why Successful Poker Players Don’t Move Up in Stakes

Understanding the game of online poker.


Poker is more of a battle of wits and a mind game. Moving up in stakes is a move many people are scared to make possibly because they’ve never done it before. Another reason will be the opponent’s intimidation because of their high-level skill and experience.


If you are not ready and confident enough it is advisable to try and avoid moving up in stakes. Another deterrent is you should always expect a drop in your win rate when you make a sudden decision to move your stakes up. Experienced agen judi idn poker players understand that you need a proven win rate in your current stakes before you make the move.


Let’s look at some of the reasons why you should not be quick to move up stakes in online poker.


It’s Not Easy Moving Up in Stakes.


Poker players understand that you need to gather enough courage and confidence before you make the move. For you to stand a chance to benefit you need to be on the good side of the confidence spectrum. Confidence should guide and make you feel comfortable at your stakes. Every poker player is different and there’s no ideal time when one should decide to move up stakes.


Factors affecting poker performance.


Online poker performance is marred by a variety of factors which include previous results, bankroll, your goals in the game as well as confidence. It’s a tough decision to make and the move doesn’t sit well with most players. It’s commonly observed that even the best will first have a wobbly experience before they become sturdy at the new limit.


They Have Expenses.


Amateur players at times wonder why the experienced players fail to move up in stakes while they still enjoy making giant profits. One of the reasons is that these players have some bills and expenses to cater to their current stakes. They feel at ease working with bills and expenses that they could comfortably cover.


An example of an expense.


Some players may request help from a backer. A backer is a consultant who helps poker players make safe and sound decisions at a fee. The drawback would be they have to share their profits which might not be lucrative compared to if they’d stuck to their previous lower limits.




No doubt increasing limits will increase your propensity to make more money per hour. It can give a low-stakes player the chance to make a noteworthy amount. However, climbing up the ladder comes with a lot of challenges since the process is hampered by several variables. Learn and understand your game first, if you are happy at your current stakes and making money, then you may decide to make the move.